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Herald Shield Sculpt (Bacon Jam 2)

For BaconJam 2 I decided to take inspiration from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and create a stylized version of the Herald Shield. After feedback and a few iterations this was the finalized sculpt that I'm going forward into retopology and texturing with.

What is BaconJam you ask? It's a monthly contest hosted by Kevin Brunt aka SirDigitalBacon. This month the goal of BaconJam was to re-imagine an asset from one of five PS1 era games.

James braley jamesbraley heraldshieldsculpt 01
James braley jamesbraley heraldshieldsculpt 02
James braley heraldshield tt


James braley heraldshield sprite

Herald Shield Sprite (Castlevania: SotN)